Bike Patrol Unit

The JCPD Bicycle Patrol Division was established in 1994, and currently consists of 4 Officers. 

The unit's primary mission is to reduce crime by being highly visible.  In addition, they assist car patrol units in the highly congested downtown business district, as well as the numerous parks that are not accessible to motorized patrol vehicles. The Mountain Bike Patrol also affords a unique Community Policing partnership with residents, business owners, and the many visitors that come to Johnson City.  

While most people think of riding a bicycle as a somewhat simple task, patrolling on a specially-equipped Police Mountain Bike is much more complex and can sometimes involve danger. To address the hazards that arise while on Mountain Bike Patrol, all officers selected for this arduous detail attend a rigorous five-day Police Mountain Bike School in Ithaca, NY.  Anyone familiar with the Ithaca, NY area is well aware of the fact that there is almost no flat terrain, making the school a memory for the officers that is not soon forgotten!   The school includes training in bicycle maintenance, physical fitness and diet, close quarters riding techniques, distance riding, rough terrain riding, and road surface riding. Students are also taught how to take down fleeing suspects from a bicycle and have to complete firearms qualifications while riding. The school is sanctioned by the Office of Public Safety, Albany, NY and includes a written test at the conclusion of the course. Each officer must successfully complete each phase of the school's requirements, including the written exam, in order to qualify as a Police Mountain Bike Patrol Officer.   The department has 3 Police Mountain Bikes equipped with flashing red and white lights and a police siren. These bikes were obtained through grants and donations made by local business owners and the residents of Johnson City, their help is greatly appreciated.