Property Room


The Johnson City Police Department maintains and secures all evidence, found property, and safekeeping property for court presentation or until the property can be returned to the rightful owner or be legally disposed of. 

Property Room: (607)729-9322 Ext. 236

Please call the Property Room to schedule an appointment to retrieve your property. Without an appointment, you may not be able to pick up your property. 

Lost & Found Property

 Lost and found property that is turned into us will be stored in our Property Room for a period of time as specified by NYS Personal Property Law § 253.  If the property has identifying information such as a wallet or credit card, our Property Room staff will make a reasonable effort to contact the owner.  

Unclaimed lost and found property will be stored for a period of time based on value:

  • $99 or less: Three (3) Months
  • $100 - $499: Six (6) Months
  • $500 - $4,999: One (1) Year
  • $5,000 or more: Three (3) years

If you are looking for an item that may have been turned into us, you may contact our Property Room at the number above to inquire if we have it.     

Prisoner Property

Policies of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office prohibit certain property at their facility.  If have personal property being safeguarded at the Johnson City Police Department, you must claim your property within 90 days.  Failure to claim the property could result in the property being properly disposed of pursuant to Department policy and procedure.  

  • To Claim Prisoner Property within 48hrs: Go to the JCPD Front Desk, bring your property receipt and government-issued photo ID.
  • To Claim Prisoner Property after 48hrs: Appointment is required. Contact the Property Room at 607-729-9322 Ext. 236 to schedule an appointment. 

If you are unable to claim the property yourself, you may designate someone to claim the property on your behalf.  Complete the Release of Personal Property Consent Form, have it notarized and have your designee present it when retrieving your property.   

To Claim Property

 An appointment is required to claim property from the Property Room.  Our Property Room has limited hours therefore walk-ins without an appointment may not be able to be fulfilled.  To make an appointment, call the number listed above.

  • You must bring with you valid government-issued photo identification as well as any paperwork that was sent to you (I.E. notification letter, disposition sheet, etc.).

  • If you are having someone else pick up your property, you must complete the Release of Personal Property Consent Form, have it notarized and have your designee present it when retrieving your property.  




Release of Personal Property Consent Form (pdf)



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