Community Action Team (C.A.T. Unit)


What is C.A.T.

In 2018, the Johnson City Police Department instituted a new patrol initiative called the Community Action Team, or CAT unit. The Unit is comprised of 2 Officers who are not part of the regular patrol function so its officers are not tied to a particular zone and do not respond to routine calls. This leaves them free to focus on community policing and enforcement issues in our most troubled neighborhoods. The main focus of the CAT unit is to utilize community policing practices and active enforcement of laws and statutes to positively impact the quality of life and safety factors in neighborhoods of need. 


The CAT unit’s goal is to work in partnership with neighborhood residents, Village Hall, and Code Enforcement to address on-going quality of life issues in the Village through community policing practices and proactive enforcement of state and local laws.

Partnered with our Community

The C.A.T. Unit’s effectiveness requires information about neighborhood problems from the residents in order to identify on-going problems and formulate solutions as quickly as possible.  

In order to assist the C.A.T. Unit with maximizing their results, residents are urged to meet the officers in person and become more comfortable with them, which will hopefully make the residents more likely to communicate with us about their neighborhood’s issues. We believe that this type of interaction with the public is vital to our goal of improving the quality of life in these neighborhoods.

When to contact C.A.T.

The C.A.T. Unit should only be contacted directly to provide information about on-going neighborhood problems so they can formulate solutions and address the problems over the course of time.  

If you need to report a situation or a public safety concern that is occurring now or just occurred that requires an officer to respond and handle the current situation, or to file a police report regarding a specific incident, contact Dispatch:  They will dispatch an officer to respond immediately to address the situation.


Non-Emergency: (607)729-9321

How to contact C.A.T.

In addition to speaking to the C.A.T. officers directly when you see them on patrol, residents can relay information to them via email or voicemail:


Voicemail: (607)729-9322 Ext: 301

Or drop us a line below:

Contact the C.A.T. Unit

We want to hear about the problems in your neighborhood

Johnson City Police Department C.A.T. Unit

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