The Johnson City Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer 

Police Officer Employment with our department may be obtained in the following ways:  

  • If you are not a police officer; you must be a NYS resident to become a police officer and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.  You must first pass the entry level NYS Civil Service Exam for Police Officer. These examinations are scheduled by the Broome County Office of Personnel on an "as needed" basis.   Applicants who successfully pass are then ranked on an eligibility list by their test scores. Special consideration is sometimes given for active military personnel or veterans.   Before being hired by our agency a recruit must also pass extensive background and psychological checks, a physical fitness test and oral interview by police administrators and the Village Board. The recruit must then graduate from a NYS certified Police Basic Recruit School which is approximately six months long (recruits are paid full salary and benefits while in school).  

 Broome County Personnel Civil Service Examination Announcement Page:


  • Police Officer Transfer; A candidate may transfer from another police or sheriff's department within NY State if he/she is a full-time police officer (as recognized by the New York State Civil Service System) for a period of at least one year. If you are interested in transferring into our department please send your resume to:

Chief Brent G. Dodge Johnson City Police Department 31 Avenue C Johnson City, NY 13790-2289 

Our department has excellent advancement opportunities and a wide variety of training opportunities. Salaries, based on rank and seniority, are comparable to other Law Enforcement agencies in Broome and the surrounding counties.   If you are interested in employment with our agency, you may obtain more information by contacting the  Broome County Department of Personnel Government Plaza, Hawley St, Binghamton, NY 13901   Phone: 607-778-2185     




  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance   
  • Compensatory Time (at time and a half) in lieu of Overtime if desired   
  • Holiday pay for working on designated "family" holidays 
  • Retire under NYS Police and Fire Retirement System after 20 years at half pay.  (based on the average of their highest paid 36 consecutive months). 
  • Medical insurance after retirement with 10% contribution of the base premium    

Salaries (Effective June 1, 2019)

  • Patrol Officer – Grade 4: $43,744 (Entry level - no experience)
  • Patrol Officer – Grade 3: $52,070 (upon completion of one year of service)
  • Patrol Officer – Grade 2: $55,860 (upon completion of two years of service)
  • Patrol Officer – Grade 1: $72,331 (upon completion of three years of service) 
  • Sergeant: $78,772
  • Lieutenant: $83,931
  • Captain: $89,945

 * The Chief of Police is under a separate contract.  

Personal Time Off

Vacation Time: 

  • after one (1) year, 10 days  
  • after five  (5) years, 15 days   
  • after ten (10)  years, 20 days   
  • after fifteen (15) years, 25 days   
  • after twenty (20) years, 1/2 day added per year until thirty (30) years of service 


Other Time Off:

  • 12 Sick Days per year 
  • 13 paid Holidays per year   
  • 3 "Emergency" Personal Days 
  • 3 Personal Days

Other Financial Benefits

Shift Differential Pay: 

  • 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM: $1.20/Hr
  • 11:00 PM - 7:00 AM: $1.40/Hr 

On-Call Pay: (for Detectives & Breath Test Operators)

  •  Monday - Saturday: $40.00/day
  • Sunday & Holidays: $50.00/day

Longevity Pay:

  •  5 years of service ... $375 per year
  • 9 years of service ... $775 per year
  • 13 years of service ...$1,075 per year   
  • 17 years of service ...$1,575 per year   

Uniform & Equipment Allowance:

  •  $1,050 Annually

Physical Fitness Incentive:

  •  $425 Annually (must pass annual non-mandatory Physical Fitness Test) 

Educational Incentives:

  •  Paid tuition and textbooks for officers enrolled in Criminal Justice or related Social Sciences (emphasis on CJ) college programs; must successfully pass the course(s) with at least a C average.  
  • Two year college degree in Criminal Justice or Related Social Sciences (emphasis on CJ) $500 per year 
  • Four year college degree in Criminal Justice or Related Social Sciences (emphasis on CJ) $750 per year   

Overtime & Off Duty Work:

  • Frequent Patrol Coverage Overtime
  • Special Detail / Special Events Overtime
  • Court Overtime paid at 3 hour minimum
  • Grant Funded Traffic Enforcement Overtime
  • Weekly Off-Duty job opportunities (through the PBA)

Advancement Opportunities:

  • Patrol Division Sergeants & Lieutenants promotions
  • K-9 Unit 
  • Bike Patrol Unit
  • Detective Division
  • Rotational Detective Program - Patrol Officers assigned to Detectives on 8 month rotations
  • Detective Division Sergeants and Lieutenant promotions
  • Special Investigations Unit Task Force
  • Metro SWAT Team
  • Community Action Team (C.A.T. Unit)

*Promotions to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, and Chief are based upon competitive NYS Civil Service Promotional Exams and an oral interview conducted by a Police Review Board. 



Front Desk Clerks / Dispatchers

Assigned to work the front desk to answer administrative non-emergency phone calls, administrative radio communication with patrol units, assist members of the public who walk-in to the police station, assist police offers and patrol supervisors with administrative duties, utilize departmental computers to access and record data, complaints, and other information, and perform filing, typing, and other clerical duties as needed. 

Parking Enforcement / Meters

Patrol assigned areas and parking lots on foot and by vehicle to enforce non-moving traffic laws and parking ordinances through the issuance of parking tickets and is responsible for the on-going maintenance of parking meters.

*Hiring of Parking Enforcement Officers is determined by competitive NYS Civil Service exams. 

Clerks / Typists

  • Detective Division Administrative Assistant
  • Police Records
  • Payroll / Account Clerk

*Hiring of Clerks / Typists is determined by competitive NYS Civil Service exams.  

Facilities / Fleet Maintenance

Responsible for the cleaning, routine maintenance and general upkeep of all areas of the Police Station and preventative maintenance and minor repairs to police fleet vehicles.

 *Hiring of this position is determined by competitive NYS Civil Service exams.  

Crossing Guards

Crossing Guards are part-time seasonal employees who are employed between Memorial Day and Labor day and are responsible to ensure the safe crossing of children at assigned parks. 

*Crossing Guards are hired annually and is a non-civil service position.  Apply by contacting Gwen Terpak at (607)798-9561.