Local laws are passed by our local Johnson City government which address a variety of local issues, including vehicles & traffic, parking, towing, streets & sidewalks, and peace and good order.

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laws commonly referenced:

Parking, Standing, & Stopping

Laws regarding parking, time limits, winter parking rules, meter parking, etc:

Peace and Good Order

Laws regarding curfew, disorderly conduct, loud music, public intoxication, obscene writing, pictures, or marks, etc:

Bicycles, Rollerblades, & Skateboards

Laws regarding speed, riding on bicycles, riding on sidewalks, safe operation, etc

Alcoholic Beverages

Laws regarding possession of open alcoholic beverages in public and consumption in public.

Parks & Recreations

Laws regarding park hours, animals, smoking, swimming, disorderly conduct, alcohol, etc.

Transient Retail and Solicitors

Laws regarding permits requires, hours of operation, general conduct, etc.