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We often answer questions for concerned citizens about the Sex Offender Registry and sex offenders living within the Village of Johnson City. The New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services is responsible for maintaining New York’s Sex Offender Registry. The registry was created to inform New Yorkers about sex offenders living in their community. The JCPD monitors and manages sex offenders on a local level. All sex offenders living in the Village of Johnson City are required to report directly to the JCPD. The JCPD generates notification cards that are mailed to alert residents in the vicinity of an address that a level 2 or 3 offender moves to. The JCPD also conducts periodic residential verification checks to help ensure each offender remains in compliance with the Sex Offender Registry Act.

Some basics:
There are three levels of sex offenders which are determined by the sentencing courts:

Level 1 – low risk of re-offending (20 year minimum registration)
Level 2 – medium risk of re-offending (Lifetime registration)
Level 3 – high risk of re-offending (Lifetime registration)

The biggest misconception is that the Registry restricts where a sex offender can or cannot live. That is not true. The Registry only tracks and monitors where an offender is living. However, if an offender is under Parole or Probation supervision, conditions of their Parole or Probation supervision may limit the offender from living near a school or being around children unsupervised.

Sex offenders can otherwise move freely within the community, but must report all changes of address no later than 10 days after moving. They must also conduct personal address verifications either every 90 days or annually depending on their level, report in-person at the JCPD to have a current photograph taken at predetermined intervals, notify DCJS of any institution of higher education they are attending, enrolled, living or employed, and provide information on any internet service providers, screen names, and email accounts they have. Failure to perform any of the registration obligations is a felony level crime. 

This is basic information, please refer to Correction Law Article 6-C for more information.

By law, only Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders are listed on the State's public directory.

To see a map of sex offenders near you or to sign up for email alerts, visit this link:

The JCPD’s primary goal is public safety and the Sex Offender Registry is a key component to public safety. If you have information that an offender is not living at the reported address, you should contact us or your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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