Support Staff


Chaplin, Parking Enforcement, Secretaries/Clerks, Desk Officers, Building/Vehicle Maintenance

The Support Division of the department can be broken down into five subdivisions:    

The Police Chaplin, Parking Enforcement, Secretaries/Clerks, Front Desk Officers and Building / Vehicle Maintenance. These civilian employees are responsible for providing all of the behind the scenes work needed to keep the department functioning effectively on a 24 hour basis.  

Fr. Dennis Ruda, of the All Saints Polish National Catholic Church at 42 Harry L Drive, is the Departmental Chaplin. Fr. Ruda rides along with the evening shift on most Thursday nights and gives emotional support and spiritual guidance as well as blessings and prayers at many police functions.  

The Parking Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement, upkeep and maintenance of the 528 Parking Meters and the Handicapped Parking areas within Johnson City.    

Our secretarial staff and office clerks are responsible for managing records and reports generated within various divisions of the department, which entails precise record keeping of both physical and computer files. These staff members are also responsible for developing systems to compile and maintain statistical records, and the analysis of crime reports as required by Federal, State, County and Local mandates. The secretarial staff and clerks also maintain personnel and payroll records, inventories of equipment, records of departmental revenues, and assist in the preparation of departmental budgets.

Civilian Desk Officers man the front desk area Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.  Our civilain desk officers are responsible for the intake of walk-in complaints, taking incoming calls, managing warrant files, and act as a liason between County Dispatch and our shift officers.  Their role is vital as they allow all officers on the shift to be available to leave the station and respond to calls for service.         

A department Mechanic / Building Maintenance employee is responsible for the maintenance of our vehicles, grounds and building.